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March 31, 2015

McConnell, Paul Want ‘Right to Work’ Law on ENDA

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Kentucky’s GOP senators hope a national “right to work” law can piggyback on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights bill the Senate is likely to take up this week.

The amendment was filed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and backed by Sen. Rand Paul. It’s first in line for consideration, assuming the Senate votes as expected Monday evening to move forward with debate on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

To be sure, the first amendment filed to legislation on the Senate floor is hardly a guarantee of consideration, but it can carry more weight when the minority leader is the one behind it.

Right-to-work laws at the state level generally prohibit unions and employers from entering into contracts that force all employees join unions at their workplaces.

  • Raylusk

    The constant attacks by the GOP on working people should show voters how corrupt the GOP is. The top 1% accumulate an ever increasing share of the nations wealth while the rest of us continue to lose. Right to work laws are really right to starve laws. Throw out the GOP in 2014.

    • juvus

      you know what I am sick and tired about people saying that republicans are attacking working people because of right to work laws and then all those people are moving to right to work states for a better life. If you don’t like stuff like that stay the F out of texas, georgia, north carolina, south carolina, florida. But the statistics I see with my eyes, most people really love right to work states, since they all want to freaking move to one. So no more crap about 1% accumulating wealth because of right to work blah blah blah. You want to know why the 1% are doing so well, let’s talk about QE after QE and the federal reserve. That’s how the rich make their money.

      Americans are voting with their feet and they mostly think right to work states are wonderful places to live.

      • Katherine

        There is no great migration of Americans to right to work states. In fact, many of the new jobs in “right to work” states are filled by immigrants.
        Anyway, rather than tell people to make the major life change of moving to a state that has labor laws you like, why not suggest that people who don’t like unions not apply for a job at a unionized workplace?

        • Michael Stewart

          How about Union just non represent those who do not wish to be members of unions. What if the management at the union work place wants the non union worker. There is no law that stipulates that unions have to represent non union workers. This country needs as right to work law to make unions become more competitive, The greatest reasons unions do not want right to work laws is because they know they will lose alot of members. If unions were so wonderful than they would not fear Right to work laws. Right to work laws are not antiunion. All they do is allow workers to chose whether or not to be unions. According to Rand Paul eighty percent of Americans support Right to Work legislation.

          • Kurt 20008

            “There is no law that stipulates that unions have to represent non union workers.”
            Michael, your whole argument is based on an error of fact. There IS a law which says that unions have to represent non union workers. It is called “duty of fair representation.” The union MUST by law give the same representation to workers who refuse to pay dues as those who do not. In Michigan, after RTW was passed, a union local voted to charge a $150 for processing any grievance from a non-member. Four separate lawsuits were almost immediately filed by non-members. Of course, the four people demanding union representation they don’t pay for will win their case, as the law it clear the union cannot do this.
            The AFL-CIO has said it would support “members only” unions and the conservatives and Big Business have opposed them on this.

          • Michael Stewart

            Funny how you are quick to state that my argument is a fallacy yet you cannot offer evidence such as the legal code for the law . This shows you are talking BS.

          • Kurt 20008

            National Labor Relations Act § 9(a), 29 U.S.C.

            Below is an example of a union admitting it has to represent non-members:

            Now, do you have a cite showing that unions are not obligated to give DFR to non-members?

          • Michael Stewart

            this does not prove anything. It is from a union websites, There is no statute number. Union choose to represent non union. They are not federally obligated to. I am a member of the right to work committee headed by Mark Mix and a supporter of Americans for prosperity. Union harm entrepreneurs by asking for unreasonable demands such as inflated wages , Michigan was a victory for workers rights and I cannot wait until the right to work act is passed. This country does not need any more radical socialist/ communist corruption. Unions have no place in capitalist society and should be exterminated.

          • Kurt 20008

            Mr. Stewart, I gave you the cite for the NLRA. The Michigan case in which four non-members have sued over being ask to pay a fee to the union for handling their grievance is Koskyn v. Teamsters Local 214, Michigan Circuit Court No. 13-011017, filed on 8/22/13.
            You are going to have to explain to me why the union website would incorrectly say that their stewards are required to service non-members when it clearly is in the union’s interest not to bother with these deadbeats.
            I hope you are having a good day. It seems you might have some anger management issues.

          • Michael Stewart

            Kurt. You have still failed to give the statute in Federal law that states union are required to represent non union workers. You keep trying to send me to Union sites. That does not give evidence due to it being a union ran websites. If you cannot give me the actual legal statute then you are stating a fallacy and then using ad hominem attacks by stating I have anger management issues. At least I do not go out and vandalize property of those who do not want to join my organization.
            Unions fight for workers rights but what the company’s rights. I think it is wrong that a company has to bargain with a union or anyone else. My father owned a business why should he have to have a third party tell him how to run his business. If workers don’t like their job they can always quit and look for another one. One thing I learned while I was in Chile is the wonders of having right wing dictators like Pinochet who do not allow unions.I am a political science major in College and I am planning to become a leader like Pinochet.

          • Michael Stewart

            According to the Roberts dictionary of industrial relations under the entry Bargaining agent for members only . It clearly states that there is nothing in Federal law that prevents member only contracts.
            All that needs to be added to the contract is the clause . The employer recognizes the union as the collective bargaining agency for all its members who are members of the union on all matters that affect that effect those employees who are members. Unions complain about free riders but about those captive passengers who would be better off on their own. Why should an employer be forced to hire or fire someone based on whether they are unionized. If Banks are not allowed to have monopolies in the finance sector than why should union be allowed to have monopolies in the labor sector. Right to work is not about destroying unions like Big labor claims. It is about restoring the right of the workers to choose whether or not they want to join one.I do not care if my fellow employees are union,members. I care that union charge me for services that I do not want or need or create contracts that prevent me from getting raises, bonuses, or promotions.

          • Michael Stewart

            there is nothing in the national relation act that obligates union to represent nonmembers. Members only clauses are allowed. If A union words their contract so that they will represent all workers than that it is their problem. What they need to do is create members only contracts where non members who ask for representation have to pay the fees required. In the roberts dictionary of Industrial relation under the entry bargaining agent for members only there is even an example of a union contract. Monopolies are not allowed in other sectors why should union be treated any differently. I should have the right to work for whatever company wants to hire me without having to have a thirds party negotiate wages that will most likely below what I would get on my own. For your information any information off a teamsters, afl-cio, or other union website is propaganda not fact, If you cannot find an actual statute stating that union are required to represent non member than this argument is pointless. Workers need to have the right to decide for themselves what they want. I support the National right to work act and will celebrate along with 80% of Americans when it is passed. When it is passed no longer will Unions destroy America’s economy. Michigan is a warning to Unions, America does not need Unions anymore.

      • Raylusk

        Shove off idiot. First the migration to right to work states is a tea bagged myth. There are absolutely no facts to prove it. Second red states which often are right to work states have the highest poverty rates. Third the decline of the middle class started when Reagan cut taxes of the wealthy and attacked unions. Fourth we aren’t talking qbout a state right to work law here we are talking about a national one. Next time idiot stay on topic and don’t just post tea bagger talking points post actual facts.

        • Michael Stewart

          it is true i moved to texas to escape union tyranny. I actually joined the right to work committee. I also vote Republican and actually help elect Rick Perry and signed the petition that Texas secedes from the Union and that those who sign that petition should be banished from the USA,

    • Michael Stewart

      Those top 1 percent are the ones who give you jobs. Unions need to go.

  • Nicky

    The Senate ENDA bill will never Survive in the House Republicans under John McCain’s GOP and Sen. Ted Cruz’s Tea Party. It’s a sure bet the ENDA bill will die in the House Republicans before it ever gets’s a floor vote.

  • Robert68

    It is likely McConnell and Paul trying to make a statement since, I’m sure to their dismay, their home state is NOT a right to work for less state. KY is a free bargaining state.
    And of course, their amendment has zero % chance of becoming law anytime soon.

    • Michael Stewart

      He will pass it because The American people want it. For your information the highest paying jobs I had were non union job. Why is that because I like being industrious and being able to be rewarded for my success my bonuses and other gratuities. if a manager tried to give me a raise or bonus for a job well done unions would fuss over it.

  • HillbillyReport

    Hey Mitch, why don’t you pick up the phone and give Eric Cantor and John Boehner a call and tell them they have the “Right To Work” more than the 113 days they scheduled themselves in 2014.

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